Khawaja Aziz ul Aulia

Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia

Hazrat Khwaja Alhaaj hafiz Syed Mohammad Yousuf Ali Aziz ul Mulk Sulemani.

He is from meternal Hasani Syed family.After many steps his forefarthers join with Imam Jafer Sadiq The Aal e Mohammad ( peace be upon him).His Father’s name was Syed Afzal Ali Shah Jafri Sawati,his birthday is 13 Rajab 1306 hijri,according to 14 March 1889.In 1921 he went to delhi to join the member of Khilafat Community Hakeem Ajmal khan,Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang,Dr.Ansari and Maulana Mohammad Johar and worked for independence.He is particular Mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Allah Bakhsh the Grand son of Hazrat Khwaja Shah Suleman Tonsvi the heir of Chishtia Sulemania that is founded in Tonsa Sharif Dist Dera Ghazi Khan.He the poor’s parent spent his whole life in Tableegh & spread of Islam the religion of Mustafa (peace be upon him).He silently helped the widows,orphans & poors.He was popular among all the Scholars & Authers.He learned by heart orally the Holly Quran in the 9 years and he never left Takbeer e Ula till 70 years.He said 9 lacks verses which inculude Naat,Ghazal,poems.He wrote 63 books on diffirent topics,from them thousands of people are taking their thirst of marifat & tasawwuf (the way & recognition of god).His life was simple & full with the work of religion.His last 18 years of life was spent in Gulzar Mosque near S.M Law Collage in karachi,pakistan.Alot number of people were in love with his knowledge & religious education.He served religion & recognition of god and prophet’s life and it in the height of his love for rasool allah P.B.U.H. The famous Scholars say,who wants to improve his urdu he must read the books of Hazrat Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia.He died on 7 Ziqad 1395 hijri according to 12 November 1975,on wednesday in Gulzar Mosque,karachi,pakistan.His Grave is in Sherpao Colony,landhi,karachi,pakistan.where his Urs is celebirated every year on 7 Ziqad.After death his younger son Hazrat Khwaja Syed Sadaqat Ali took the seat.And he was made responsible for the promotion of work by Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia during his illness.He was born on 10 February in Rajistan,His father himself took care of him,His journey of knowledge and literature started fastly.And he was found of Poetry,in his inheritance.During his sevice he continued to serve his,and regularly promoted his father’s mission.For this hardwork and attempts the tomb of Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia is shining with full glory.he also printed his father’s books in a very good style.He held Seminars & Conferences on differents time.Today the massege of Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia reached the world by his language and service.He continued the mission that submitted to him by his father with his work & attempt.As regards the Naatia work of Khwaja aziz ul Aulia,he printed in the form of books.He died on 23 Rabi ul Awwal 1425 hijri according to 2004 in Karachi.His grave is just close to his father’s grave,where his Urs is held every year on 23rd Rabi ul Awwal .After his death his elder son Syed Sadiq Ali Sulemani is still serving this service and continuing his father & grand father’s mission.In this regard he wants to take benefit of knoledge,litereture & religious services with with the help of computerised teaching.Allah & Holly Prophet may help his servant.( for more information about Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia read Tazkira Khwaja Aziz ul Aulia )